I helped crowdfund #TheCorrespondent’s expansion into the US. If you aren’t familiar, their goal is to “unbreak the news.” They have a lot of important editors on board. I’m optimistic. Give ‘em a look:


But, they also recently announced that they aren’t opening a US office, which has upset some folks. The EIC interviewed about it:


Personally, I didn’t feel like their messaging said they were for sure opening a physical office in the US, but I can understand how some people did.

As someone who’s worked remotely for 11+ years, some of it in tech news, I feel physical spaces matter much less these days. I also get that some people, or some industries or parts of them, work better in physical spaces. But news? I think individuals and their location matters more than a physical office, so I’m still on board.


@chartier I've also backed them up with no assumption of an US office. I've supported it for the sole purpose of expanding into English, with no expectation from where they'll do that exactly.

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