Want to buy #books and do some #philanthropy? #BetterworldBooks is a great place to get books and rescue some used ones, too. Top that off with contributions of books to needy places and people! Awesome! Thanks to @libreture for this gem!



@dead_gnostic @libreture I was just about to be impressed by how they handle cookies, but alas...

@r3bl @dead_gnostic

Well that's bloody annoying!

I wonder if they know it does that, if they set that deliberately, or if they've chosen a crappy third-party option...

@libreture @dead_gnostic If I had to guess, I'd say that they've set this up somewhere around May last year with a legit desire to comply with the GDPR, but then kind of just gave up and forgot about it (since they themselves don't see this when visiting their website outside Europe).

It's been interesting to see the conversation on cookies here. Given the option, I second admittance to @GDPR_HallOfShame!

@older @r3bl @libreture

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