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me on twitter: ugh my TL is hot garbage, I need to unfollow like 200 people

me on the fediverse: followed. followed. followed. youre all followed. all of you are beautiful souls and I want to see all ur posts

I wanted to compare the writing speed of multiple devices I own, so I did.

Bluetooth is the worst. I can't think of another technology that's as widely adopted as it is completely dysfunctional. Five freaking generations later, I still can't have Bluetooth turned on on both my laptop and my phone at the same time, or it all goes to shit.

Home Assistant is the best open source project idea of this decade. It provides a solution to two niches:

* It connects smart home components that otherwise can't be connected.
* It offers you to connect over 1000 components by simply configuring a few variables.

It runs on low power devices (such as Raspberry Pi), its core and its components are all created using people's favorite scripting language (Python), and it is constantly being improved by a thriving open source community.

One out of three newly elected presidents of Bosnia & Herzegovina is on the US sanctions list since January 2017:

He won 53.79% of the votes, while his main opponent won 43.01% of the votes.

Judging from my experience, Macbooks have approximately 90% of the laptop stock photos market.

A message from our Tech Team:

Many of #InfoSec folk here on #Fediverse have boosted and favourited our toot about Security Analyst position we have open -- thank you!

And yet we have not received a lot of applications so far.

Don't be shy. Don't let the Impostor Syndrome get to you. You don't need a diploma or dozens of certificates to apply. You won't be wasting our time.

We're hackers like you. We need you.

Experienced in #InfoSec? Want to help journalists stay safe and change the world? OCCRP is hiring a Security Analyst:

This can be a remote position, but relocation to beautiful Sarajevo is welcome. Don't let the requirement list put you off, apply even if you feel you might not fully meet all them.

You'll be working in a global team of techies, using FLOSS technologies, keeping data and people safe and secure in the changing digital landscape.

Tell your friends, too!

I've started putting together a list of #fediverse apps, focused on implementations of #ActivityPub, documenting their status and what tech stack they're (being) built with:

This is a publicly editable doc, so would appreciate corrections/additions, and feedback especially from fediverse devs, but also from instance admins and users:

- What app/implementation/stack did you try?
- Pros/cons you encountered
- What stack & libraries would you choose if starting today?

Android Pie (v9) looks fucking beautiful, and feels beautiful. We'll see how it'll behave.

You know the thing about this stupid EU stupid proposals day has been that it drew valuable attention away from my favourite EFF headline ever

TIL offers a plan for lossless streaming. Bye bye, you won't be missed at all.

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