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Asking for input about ActivityPub discussion boards (like reddit and HN) Show more

Asking for input about ActivityPub discussion boards (like reddit and HN) Show more

Asking for input about ActivityPub discussion boards (like reddit and HN) Show more

Excuse me, but when you refer to the Mastodon network, what you really mean is the fediverse. There are many other software out there besides Mastodon, such as the … fuck it, I can’t do this shitpost right now.

Today is my last day in's office and my last day in Amsterdam. While our collaboration will continue for a little while, I'm sad that I will no longer share the office with a group of such brilliant people. It's orgs like these that make the web a better place.

so an idea for a new hashtag: #fediverseTours

if there's a place of interest you think visitors to your town and city should see or you want to mark, just post about it (pictures, description gps coordinates ect) and add the #fediverseTours tag to it

If you're in , just a wee bit to the south of De Wallen (AKA Red Light District) madness lies Vondelpark, a beautiful park to bike through or just sit next to the water and relax.

My first Mastodon bot is live. It's really simple and toots links from my blog whenever I decide to publish something: @blog

How the fuck is the only person who's sentenced related to Russian hacking the person that tried to fucking warn us.

One advantage that the bird site has is that I could just add one domain to my Content Security Policy and embed tweets, while I would have to allow a fuck ton of domains to embed toots.

If you're from Europe, and want to access while it's "down", return your clock to anywhere before 2pm today because their fucking cert expired.


Stupid assumption: Their status server is based in the US, where the certificate still hasn't expired, and the admins are asleep, so reddit will be unavailable to us Europeans for about two to three hours.

Hippie era: Let's not go to work and get high on drugs.
Information era: Let's microdose ourselves with drugs so that we would be better at keeping up with work.

I just wrongly identified a bike on Google Captcha when asked to select motorcycles, and it accepted my answers.

On one hand, I feel like a badass because I did a disfavor to Google.
On the other, I feel guilty because butterfly effect.

The thing I like the most about Mastodon for now is that no third party can see your favs/likes but you (and your admin).

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As for what do I do with the rest of the bandwidth, if you're using @torproject, there's an insignificant (0.4%) chance that you're going through my server as the middle relay:

Six status updates later, 50+ followers!
Quite a warm welcome over at
I'm glad about it, because the bird site quickly turned itself into algorithmic hell.

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