The number of YouTube recommendations that are in their essence just some shitheads browsing through reddit for money is too damn high.

@libreture @dead_gnostic If I had to guess, I'd say that they've set this up somewhere around May last year with a legit desire to comply with the GDPR, but then kind of just gave up and forgot about it (since they themselves don't see this when visiting their website outside Europe).

@galaxis No, it's absolutely the same thing.

Facebook introduced 2FA a long time ago (here's an article last updated in 2010: and us early adopters of it experienced this all the way back then.

I don't like Facebook as much as the next person, but the news surrounding it are getting absurd.

Now Facebook is allowing anyone to look you up using your security phone number

NOW?? That has been the case for at least a decade.

While I was still in high school somebody tried to prank me by sending me SMS from an unknown number, and I found out who it was with one Facebook search. What changed NOW? Back then Facebook was a "cool thing" and nobody dared criticizing it.

@gamehawk @Gargron I definitely dislike the cross posting of Twitter content to Mastodon with no actual engagement. It reminds me of when everyone just used FriendFeed (or was it Wave or Buzz?) as a dumping ground for Tweets. It was a pretty good platform but got the reputation of being inhabited only by ghosts of people engaged elsewhere, which was part of its downfall.

@superruserr Countdown to Zero Day by Kim Zetter is my favorite thriller. Too bad she didn't publish more thrillers, I'd buy every single one of them.

Watching full episodes of LastWeekTonight instead of just the main story was the main reason I got an HBO subscription (instead of pirating it), and then this happened:

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I've visited 10 local tech shops this morning and failed to find a single cable with USB Type-C connectors on both sides. Each one of those shops had a cable with Type-A on one side and Type-C on the other.

For a connector that's supposed to replace USB Type-A, it sure is difficult to connect my phone with my laptop using it.

@rysiek Feel free to add my single-user instance as well. Located in Germany.

What's the stupidest hack you've ever encountered?

My cellphone number was once banned from using a service, but not if I enter the country code in front of it.

Hey, mind checking out this thread? Some of users have troubles with API blocking us and we can't seem to get to the bottom of the issue.

Fuck each and every website that decides that it's okay to open its own page in a new tab/window.

Whoa, I just realized MIT has their own Mastodon instance! The future is now!

@kaniini It's basically a Facebook clone with 0 original thoughts in its design.

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