@DC7IA Non-native English speaker, but here's a simple rule of thumb that you can use: turtoises spend most of their time on land, while turtles spend most of their time in water (but lay their eggs on land).

Same animal family, slight distinctions in everything else (including continents in which they're found).

Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

The AR-15 was named after Ayn Rand and the maximum age at which it's okay to think she should be taken seriously

@micrackbiron @Gargron If you like Tusky, please, leave a positive review. Tusky is being targeted by trolls as well. Currently sitting at 3.8 rating. As you might guess, every negative review is the same. :)

an appeal to the fediverse regarding anti-abuse 

Unsubscribe from a couple of those newsletters you never read.

@telent @switchingsocial OwnTracks works wonderfully. It doesn't have bells and whistles that Strava has (running, cycling and swimming detection), but if you're looking for location tracking only, it'll serve you wonderfully.

You can choose to use the app + some server hosted by someone else, or you can deploy your own server.

The app requires Google services though. If you're looking for one that doesn't (and have Nextcloud on a server), check out PhoneTracks.

@rhiaro Macedonian is a mix of Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian, but leaning a bit more to the Bulgarian side. If they speak slowly, those who speak Serbo-Croatian can understand them.

Depending on who you ask, that dialect might be considered as a part of Serbo-Croatian or as a transitional Bulgarian.

"Zona Zamfirova" is a *very* famous comedy/drama in that weird mix. Every Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Serb you've ever met/will ever meet will know about it.

@gomez @switchingsocial I believe @alecaddd is creating one such tool (desktop app, targeting elementary OS), but I think it's in early development stage.

remember not to access ANYTHING of Amazon's the next two days.
This means:
no Twitch
no audible
no comixology
no kindle
no amazon music
no amazon prime tv
no whole foods
none of the amazon stores

If you have Amazon Prime, cancel it, just resub afterwards if you want, don't even go for it if you're offered a free month. Unplug Alexa if you have her for any reason, don't impulse buy anything.

Support the workers, don't be a scab.

@trash @StaleWhiteBread @lynnesbian I understand that you don't give enough of a fuck about him to follow him daily. But, you need to acknowledge why those less privileged than us feel threatened by his behavior. Rational Wiki has plenty of examples of him undermining marginalized groups. Acknowledging that establishes a common ground from which we could try to have a conversation. Dismissal feels like trolling, intentional or not.

@trash @StaleWhiteBread @lynnesbian In case you're not trolling, take a look at this thread: mobile.twitter.com/notch/statu

In case that's not enough for you, Rational Wiki has plenty of examples: rationalwiki.org/wiki/Notch

If you feel like defending him after reading through these two links, then I can't help you. 🤷‍♂️

Someone didn’t like that the Mast app for iOS blocks Gab. The dev’s response is 🔥🔥🔥.

First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

Dear American software firms: just because your country uses shitty Imperial measurement does not mean this should be the default.

The rest of the world uses the metric system, thank you very much.

It's 2019 and the day when I will hear Martin Garrix - Animals for the very last time in my life is still somewhere in the future.

@brainblasted Looks really awesome! Would you describe it as "barely usable" at this point? I found your repo and I'm thinking about playing with it.

I finished up how I want the Social app to look on the most important views. Now I have an idea of how CWs should look, profiles, and I changed up the main view.

us pol, ignorant opinion 

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