Any sysadmin ready to host something icky and receive a spike in traffic?

Serbian government shut down a comedy show and the TV network decided not to air the last episode episode last night:

Of course, it leaked, but it has been already removed from YouTube and DailyMotion.

@r3bl What's the show about? It goes a bit against the rules of my instance (no commercial content), but I could make an exception.

@nutomic The show itself is a pretty lousy humor (mostly dad jokes) and some interviews, and this is its last never-aired 90 min episode after 10 seasons.

While I'm usually not his fan, he gained my admiration with his speaking out. Some of the quotes from the never-aired episode: "I'm tired of lying to you that everything's normal in this country", "your freedoms are limited, the truths you hear are bended", "I was offered an unbelievably large amount of money to get off the air quietly".

@nutomic The trouble for him started when he disassociated himself from a "journalist" who was spreading nothing but conspiracy theories about the opposition protest, while failing to complete a coherent sentence.

She made up that she was threatened with beating by that comedian, the president got involved, the comedian called out the president for spreading a blatant lie, his show got cancelled by the new owner about two weeks later (the network was bought at the beginning of the month).

@r3bl Alright, feel free to upload it on Maybe consider disabling comments if you expect controversy (moderation is still lacking there).

@r3bl Is it risky on a french regulation to host those kinds of files ?

Hi Felix,

Any consideration for this show?

To be shared on ?

The show seems copyrighted.


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