In an attempt to simply the terminology in the fediverse, I propose we start referring to "instances" as "neighborhoods". Here's a short pitch:

Each neighborhood:
* Has its own set of rules.
* Has its own "guard" (sysadmin) that makes sure there are no incidents.
* Is usually (but not always) focused on a common theme.

You can send an update to:
1. A specific person.
2. Your own neighborhood.
3. Entire network.

IMO this proposal would make things about 30% easier to understand for newcomers.

@r3bl an interesting point re terminology imho.

however, neighbourhood? spelling question aside - is it not:
* socio-cultural - as a person who never experienced neighbourhoods as having own rules, guards and such like - the term doesn't help.
* in terms of experience, people build their own #networks on social sites.
I wonder if #Gateway or some such might be more communicable here. Each gateway has own character allowing people to have multiple identities and networks?

@ahanon It's one of those words I will never remember how to spell correctly.

@r3bl oh! Lol! UK style is with a u, American do without.
Used to illustrate the lack of term's universality rather than promoting English spellng Nazism.. 😉

@r3bl I use community.
I see people getting it really quick that way.

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